A simple tool to draw the edges of your mesh objects in PovRay


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Example scene file



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    Here are the relevant bits of an example scene file, where the declarations needed to have the edges are shown in red.

#declare PdV = <0,1.6,-6>/1.5;     //for convenience, we call the location of the camera 'PdV'
camera {
        location PdV
        look_at <0,0,0>

//(... some code here...)

#include "mymesh.inc"       //the mesh is in the file 'mymesh.inc'. This file has first been used as the input file with PovEdge.
object { Mymesh}   //this is where the mesh object is placed

//(... some code here...)

// We now start the delcarations for the edges

#declare PdV1 = PdV;   // PdV1 must be declared, and is given by the location of the camera (here PdV)

#declare EdScale = 60;   //Scale for the width of the silhouette edge.  The correct value depends on your scene scale, and on your taste.
#declare EdNScale = 40;  //Scale for the width of the crease edge 
#declare EdThresh = 0.75;  //Threshold for the crease edges. Correct value depends on your mesh, usually in the [0.5,0.9] range

#include "declarations_mymesh.inc"   //we include the file which contains all the declarations and the call to the macro

// We can now simply show the edges :